18 January

Vocational Course

Skills Based & Vocational Education

Vocational, or skills-based, education is becoming more important today, with many employers expecting new employees to have all the practical skills they need to start work. Vocational courses are typically more practical andskills-based than academic degrees, but they are often taught at universities as well as colleges and technical institutes.

If you know exactly what you want to do in your career and it requires practical skills, then vocational learning is important. It could be hospitality and tourism, retail management, software development or interior design. There are literally thousands of skills based training options out there.

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Trade Certificate in Electrician110thANNUAL
Trade Certificate in mechanical fitter110thANNUAL
Trade Certificate in motor mechanic110thANNUAL
Trade Certificate in motor winding110thANNUAL
Trade Certificate in draugtsman110thANNUAL
Trade Certificate in mobile phone repair110thANNUAL
Trade certificate in Carpentry110thANNUAL           
Trade Certificate in mining technology110thANNUAL
Trade Certificate in marine mechanical fitter110thANNUAL
Trade Certificate in AC & refrigeration110thANNUAL
Trade Certificate in Disel mechanic110thANNUAL

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